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Communication In Action


Feeding Trust: Nigerian Community Mobilizers Fight Not Just Polio, But Malnutrition

Bichi, Kano State, Nigeria – In the old approach to polio eradication, you wouldn’t expect Volunteer Community Mobilizer Hauwa Ibrahim to pull a multicolored strip from under her blue hijab and wrap it around two-year-old Usman Abdulabi’s upper arm.

Two Drops for Mecca:
Mother of polio-affected girl opens doors to vaccination – and helps rid Nigeria of polio for good

Aisha may not be able to read, but she never forgets a name, or a child. Her own tragedy was too great.

"Where are Hassan, Hassana and the other kids?" Aisha asks the woman of the house from the doorway.

Nigeria declares “war” against polio

Kano State, northern Nigeria, where more than one-third of all children still remain under-immunized once again finds itself at the centre of the countries polio outbreak, currently with 62 cases. Along with other high-risk states, Kano embarked on a massive door-to-door polio immunization campaign between 7-10 July. Government, traditional and religious leaders, media, community health workers, and a wide range of stakeholders, collaborated to make this exercise a success.

Innovative smartphone partnership fights polio in northern Nigeria

As part of a ground-breaking public-private partnership to fight polio, Nigeria is harnessing the power of smartphones to monitor real-time performance of vaccination teams during door-to-door campaigns. Using GPS data, a specially designed android application helps map the location of communities in high-risk areas for polio, and for the first time enables monitoring of the quality and coverage of campaigns in real-time.

Traditional leaders play an influential role in combating polio in Nigeria’s Local Government Areas

Nigerian traditional leaders take on the role of change agents in support of vaccination efforts in the state of Zamfara, bringing them to the forefront of polio eradication efforts in high-risk states and Local Government Areas.

Launching a Volunteer Community Mobilizer Network

Nigeria launches a Volunteer Community Mobilizer Network to recruit, train and deploy 957 mobilizers to work in the settlements where missed children and refusals to OPV are the highest.   Zamfara, Nigeria -  10 April...

Nigeria's Kaduna State has kicked off the Polio Free Torch Campaign

Kaduna, 11th February 2012 – Nigeria’s Kaduna State has kicked off the Polio-Free Torch Campaign, as part of ongoing efforts to promote polio immunization and shore up stakeholders’ commitment to make Nigeria polio-free by...

Nigeria launches new campaign to overcome resistance to polio immunization

Abuja, 24 October 2011   Nigeria continues to experience a surge of polio cases, following a dramatic reduction of cases in 2010. The country remains the only polio-endemic country in Africa. The Federal Government of Nigeria with...

Fighting Polio in Nigeria

Nigeria reduced its polio cases by 95% between 2009 and 2010. Today, Nigeria has over 35 cases, compared to only six last year. The states of Borno, Kano and Kebbi account for over 65% of all cases nationally. Continued...

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