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Communication In Action


Actress Mia Farrow promotes polio eradication in Africa

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow visited Chad and Democratic Republic of Congo in February to promote polio eradication and other initiatives. “Children have a lot of challenges here anyway, and one we can eliminate is polio,” said Ms....

District Chief promotes OPV in Eastern Chad

English | Française In the small village of Mourou, located in the Guéréda District of Eastern Chad, traditions run deep. For the 200 families that live here, basic farms provide livelihood, and ancient...

Chadian Artists Come Together to End Polio

Chad’s most prominent artists came together on May 14, 2011 for a public concert to end Polio in Chad.  

Fighting Polio in Chad

After four years without a single polio case in Chad, the poliovirus returned with a vengeance in 2010. Today, Chad has one of the highest number of polio cases in the world. Click here to see why keeping polio...

STOP Volunteers battle the poliovirus in some of Chad’s toughest places

Follow one of CDC’s STOP Volunteers as she mobilizes parents for polio vaccination in some of Chad’s most difficult...

UNICEF leads community forums against polio in Eastern Chad

In three districts of Eastern Chad with recent cases of polio, namely Biltine, Guéréda and Am Dam, UNICEF organized on May 9 and 10 community forums, bringing together all local authorities, religious leaders, women and youth...

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